Fit Body Boot Camp Launches Charity Initiative that Benefits Franchise Owners as well as Philanthropic Organizations

Fit Body Boot Camp’s core values – drive change, exceed expectations – apply not only to the workouts our franchisees facilitate in markets around the globe, but they also apply to how we operate in the world as well as in each community.

We are continuing our mission to inspire wellness and change lives beyond the walls of Fit Body Boot Camp gyms with a new fundraising initiative, Charity Check-In, that aims to raise $250,000 for charitable causes over the next year. Fit Body Boot Camp’s Charity Check-In begins this month (October) with hundreds of gyms in the franchise aiming to raise more than $25,000 in 30 days for Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization that focuses on prevention of and education on breast cancer.[i]

There are many benefits for franchisees who participate in the initiative, including increased visibility and brand awareness. Participation will also endear their Fit Body Boot Camp gyms to their communities.

How Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Owners Help

Here’s how Fit Body Boot Camp’s Charity Check-In works:

Every month, Fit Body Boot Camp will support one cause. Six will be causes supported by global organizations, and six will be causes supported by local organizations. The global organizations are selected by the headquarters team, while the local organizations are chosen by franchisees, who know their communities better than anyone else.

Fit Body Boot Camp locations will donate every month to help provide funding for:

  • Delivery of healthcare to children
  • Empowerment of young people to make a difference in the world
  • Research and awareness of deadly diseases and traumatic conditions
  • Boosting humanitarian aid
  • Support for homeless and abused animals
  • The fight against hunger
  • The purchase of holiday gifts for children
  • Promoting clean drinking water
  • Driving awareness of the need for blood donations
  • Providing school supplies for underprivileged children

Through previous charity campaigns, Fit Body Boot Camp has had tremendous success helping philanthropic organizations serve their constituents. Working as a unified force with our franchise owners, we accomplished the following:

  • Helped nearly 100 children get adopted through Compassion International
  • Donated $250,000 worth of toys to Toys for Tots in 2018
  • Donated almost $1 million to Shriners Children’s Hospital

A Client-Driven Campaign Each Month

Fit Body Boot Camp clients play an integral part in the Charity Check-In initiative.

Starting with the Bright Pink campaign, clients at participating locations can join the fight against breast cancer by checking-in at their Fit Body Boot Camp gym on Facebook and Instagram throughout October. Each time a client checks in using the hashtag #fbbcfightsbreastcancer, their location will donate to Bright Pink.

Each campaign will be assigned similar hashtags from the Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters team. Franchisees will share these hashtags with their coaches, who will encourage clients to use them when they check in.

In addition to hashtags, Fit Body Boot Camp will provide other marketing collateral to boost awareness of each cause and the brand’s part in helping it.

Ultimately, the initiative will create public relations and marketing opportunities for franchise locations at the local level and for the brand on a global scale.

The Rewards of Philanthropy

Supporting charities is good for business, both inside and outside the walls of each franchise location.

On top of feeling great after their 30-minute workouts, clients also feel good about participating in the initiative, thus enhancing the community spirit inherent in the Fit Body Boot Camp concept. This has the potential to boost referrals and organic marketing, which allows franchise owners to focus on serving their clients.

Fit Body Boot Camp team members feel good, too. While they’re an important part of helping clients feel better, they also want to do additional meaningful work and contribute to something greater than themselves. The Charity Check-In initiative gives them the opportunity to contribute to their communities and beyond.

Besides the satisfaction franchisees feel for being a part of something bigger than themselves, they also appreciate the autonomy of selecting which local charity they want to support.

The larger community also looks more favorably upon Fit Body Boot Camp because it’s a fitness franchise with a heart. Caring is an attractive quality to consumers. By helping local and large, global charitable organizations, businesses endear themselves to their communities. When that happens, community members typically want to become customers, or, in this case, Fit Body Boot Camp clients.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at or call (888) 638-3222.


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From Military Boot Camp to Fit Body Boot Camp: Why Our Gym Franchise Was the Right Choice for this Female Veteran

Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner Jodi Rund has always had a penchant for pushing others to realize their own power and potential.

It was this aptitude for teaching and helping people that has largely determined the course of Jodi’s own personal and professional life – from pursuing her degree in education, to finding new ways of motivating her combat unit in Iraq, to opening three Fit Body Boot Camp gym franchises in Palm Beach, Florida.

Jodi’s winding career path has taken many unexpected twists and turns, but throughout every endeavor, she has remained dedicated to her one guiding principle – doing everything in her power to guide individuals on their path to success and self-actualization.

Spending Her Senior Year Serving a Military Tour Overseas

Two years into pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jodi realized she was running out of financial aid. She enlisted in the U.S. National Guard to help offset the cost of her education.

Six months later, she would find herself thrown into active combat training, immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of thousands of Americans. Several months after that, during the second semester of her senior year, Jodi and her unit were deployed to Iraq.

“We were so early within the rotation that we didn’t even have some of the right armor, and being on the frontlines in weapons and artillery, our unit also experienced the highest number of casualties out of all transportation units in the entire war,” Jodi said. “We lost our first man within 24 hours of landing overseas and suffered a total of 39 casualties, 34 injured and five killed in action, including my best friend, a single mom who left behind her six-year-old daughter.”

While travailing through an unimaginable situation, facing near-impossible odds, Jodi stepped into her first leadership role.

“That was really my first experience with actual coaching and guidance because you really need to trust each other and lean on one another in those extremely trying situations,” Jodi said. “I was always looking for new ways to keep our team motivated and find different team-building exercises to help prevent any bitterness or animosity that can be so pervasive in a war.”

Taking a Leadership Role with Fit Body Boot Camp

Jodi spent a year in active combat before returning to the United States, where she married her college sweetheart and earned her Master’s degree in education.

Soon after, she and her husband, Thad, moved to Costa Rica. There, she taught and later built an elementary school from the ground up. Jodi also started a girls’ basketball team at a local high school.

“Teaching and fitness have always gone hand-in-hand as some of my greatest passions,” Jodi said.

Jodi Rund teaching her Fit Body Boot Camp class

While Jodi taught and managed the school, she also started a personal training business. And, when the Runds had to move back to the U.S. for Thad’s job, Jodi still wanted to continue her work in the fitness industry.

The couple relocated to Palm Beach, Fla., where Jodi discovered Fit Body Boot Camp. The fitness franchise concept aligned with her sensibilities so much that she decided to become a franchise owner almost immediately.

“For me, it’s always been about doing the most good, and I soon realized that Fit Body Boot Camp would help me reach the most people and change the most lives,” Jodi said. “I absolutely fell in love with the brand, and six months after first learning about the opportunity, I opened my first Fit Body Boot Camp.”

Jodi opened her doors with six employees, whose well-being and development she took just as seriously as the development of each of her clients.

“To this day, the most rewarding part of my career is helping create a strong environment for employees and clients alike, both for people who work at the gym, as well as those who work out at our gym,” Jodi said.

Demand Builds: Expanding Her Gym Franchise Footprint

Just a few months after the gym’s grand opening,community members began asking Jodi about the possibility of adding Fit Body Boot Camp locations in the area.

rope workout at fit body boot c amp

“The community response was absolutely amazing,” Jodi said. “People loved the concept, and demand was extremely high.”

The next year, in 2017, Jodi opened another location in North Palm Beach, followed by a third in nearby Delray Beach in March of this year.

From military boot camp and active combat, to encouraging active lifestyles with Fit Body Boot Camp, Jodi has dedicated her entire life to coaching others and leading them along the path to success.

“Owning my own businesses with Fit Body Boot Camp has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done,” Jodi said. “No matter how many hours I put in, it has never felt like work because I genuinely enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to help hundreds of people change their lives every day.”

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at, email or call (888) 638-2222.

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Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise is Recognized as One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies on Inc. 5000 List

For a fourth consecutive year, Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise, was recognized on Inc. Magazine’s annual 5000 List. The Inc. 5000 is the most respected rankings list of the nation’s most rapidly expanding private companies. Fit Body Boot Camp has earned a spot on the prestigious list every year since 2016.

The Inc. 5000 list, which began in 1982, only includes brands that have proven themselves with increased growth and revenue. Receiving recognition on the acclaimed list is one of the most coveted honors to hold as only the very best private companies are awarded the distinction of being recognized with this gold standard of entrepreneurial success.

Consumer Demand for Fit Body Boot Camp Grows

We put clients first. Fit Body Boot Camp is known for our focus on people. We know achieving results – whether losing weight, toning up, or maintaining health – is their number one priority when they visit one of our gyms. We also know they want a specialized and fun workout where they feel like part of a community. But, because everyone is busy and demands convenience, they need their workouts to be impactful in a brief amount of time.

Fit Body Boot Camp clients experience all that in their 30-minute HIIT group workout sessions with experienced and certified personal trainers. Our workouts help our clients burn twice the amount of calories than the typical, non-guided, moderate workout at the gym. And, clients keep experiencing it after they leave their Fit Body Boot Camp because they continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after workouts thanks to the Afterburn Effect.

That encourages clients to keep coming back. But so does the attention they receive from trainers and fellow clients, which makes up our community spirit. It’s part of what makes Fit Body Boot Camp so desirable among clients and individuals considering membership. Our trainers are committed to keeping each client on track with their goals. They regularly check in with each person and provide support and answers to fitness and nutrition questions.

Thanks to our community atmosphere, working out becomes much more enjoyable because it’s a lot like a social event. Clients are like-minded individuals working toward a collective goal, who keep each other motivated throughout workouts.

It’s this business model that keeps our client base growing, which leads to increasing demand for the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise concept across the globe. With more than 500 Fit Body Boot Camp franchises helping clients look good and feel good about themselves, and more than 100 in development, it’s no wonder demand is high.

Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Growth Follows

Along with the marketplace demand, entrepreneurs are attracted to the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise opportunity for many other reasons. Some of the primary drivers include:

  • Support

Community is also a large part of Fit Body Boot Camp’s culture. We support and deliver world-class service and inspire meaningful change, which is done in a positive environment where every team member has a voice and the power to drive progress without barriers and for the greater good of the clients that we serve worldwide.

In order to do that, we provide our franchisees with the best support in the fitness franchise industry. Fit Body Boot Camp support includes:

  • Marketing support that includes a professionally designed website for each franchisee, strategically crafted email marketing campaigns, access to the Fit Body Boot Camp exclusive ad management partnerships, PR agencies and press department
  • High quality, branded gear to sell to members of the community for additional exposure
  • High-quality supplement line exclusive to Fit Body Boot Camp, to get clients better results, which increases client retention and adds an additional revenue stream
  • Each location gets a Fit Body Boot Camp Fan Page designed to foster community and build the brand at a local level
  • Ongoing search engine and social media optimization
  • Access to Fit Body Boot Camp University – our live, in-depth, five-day training that teaches new owners everything they need to know about our model
  • Access to Fit Body Boot Camp Elite Training – a continuous training program for owners, coaches and facility leaders
  • Access to various workshops through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in addition to discounts on certifications


  • Revenue generation

With 2018 companywide revenue at $8.2 million and three-year growth of 330 woman at Fit Body Boot Camp doing dumbell squatspercent, the earning potential offered by Fit Body Boot Camp is also attractive to entrepreneurs interested in becoming fitness concept franchisees.

We understand our franchisees work hard running their businesses, so we don’t charge a percentage-based royalty fee like the great majority of other franchises do. Instead, we charge a fair flat fee of $997 a month, which allows franchisees to keep what they earn and reap greater rewards for greater effort.

Plus, launching the first Fit Body Boot Camp franchise location is easy and affordable. Expensive equipment is not required, maintenance is simple and low-cost, and our efficient training model and business systems allow for a small team with low overhead.

We also work to flood each Fit Body Boot Camp franchise with more client leads for franchisees to convert into clients – and we start before they even open their doors to help ensure a strong launch for the business.

The Best Fitness Franchise Opportunity is Fast-Growing

When looking at consumer demand for the brand and why it appeals to potential franchisees, it’s easy to see why Fit Body Boot Camp is recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the most desirable fast-growing companies in the United States.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity with Fit Body Boot Camp, fill out our franchise form at, email or call (888) 638-3222.

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